HTML5 v Native still mobile’s biggest battleground

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html5 v native appsOne of the main discussions involving mobile in the online gambling industry surrounds the choice that developers make when creating a game. There are two main schools of thought with one thinking that native apps are the way forward and the other going for HTML5 based apps.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both with many agreeing that a mix of both, if practical, would be the best way forward for an industry that is increasingly focusing its resources on mobile. HTML5 is often criticized as being a lazy way for firms to implement a mobile strategy whereas the time consuming nature of creating and updating a native app is often used as an excuse to focus on HTML5.

All this in mind we asked our readers the following: ‘What should mobile developers focus on?’

Coming out in last place with 20 percent was A Mix Of Both HTML5 and Native apps.

Second place went to Native Apps with 36 percent.

That meant the winner with 44 percent of the votes was HTML 5.

Is it a surprise? Not a huge one. HTML5 is increasingly becoming the best-fit for firms that have a strategy covering Android, iOS and any other operating system that might be up there challenging. The recent Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit heard some call HTML5 “the future” whereas others openly criticized the technology for dissuading developers from using a devices full capabilities. It’s here HTML5 lags behind native apps. With Apple’s devices offering so much it’s felt by many that using HTML5 is simply an easy way out.

The results of our poll go to show that Android is very much the apple of some developer’s eyes as the Google Play Store banning gambling apps means HTML5 is the only way to go. If they ever start to allow gambling apps in again then we’d imagine the preference will change but for now that doesn’t look like happening any time soon.

This week our focus switches to another part of the industry entirely as we look at two of Asia’s fastest growing casino markets – the Philippines and Singapore. We ask our readers which of the two will end up being the biggest destination and considering there’s a lot of construction going on in the next few years it could be a close run thing. Check back this time next week for the results.


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