Sports make up 76 percent of mobile wagers

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mobile gambling reportMobile sports wagers now make up 76 percent of all mobile bets with live betting at events driving the growth. An article on mobileentertainment claims that of the €2.2billion generated by the total mobile gambling market in 2011 over three quarters was on sports betting. Mobile casinos are also experiencing growth albeit at a more gradual rate. Research shows that 3 percent of the entire online casino market will be mobile by 2013 with some even predicting that mobile casinos could be worth 12.9 percent of the mobile market by the same year.

Estimates put an annual growth rate of 19.3 percent on the mobile gambling market with the total global market estimated to reach €5.4billion in three years time. There have been even more heady estimates in the past with some stating it could reach as high as $100billion by 2017.

This is being driven by the ownership of smart phones seeing huge growth on all sides of the Earth with the United Kingdom one country driving the growth. A recent Ofcom Communications Market Report showed that 40 percent of all adults in the UK now own smart phones – an increase on the 27 percent that admitted to owning one last year. With new technology such as 4G only just being introduced that number will only rise further and in turn it will help to push the amount of wagers made with a mobile device up. If you put all of this together it’s hard to doubt the figures that various research firms have produced and they may even be a little too modest.


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