Do You Know a Java Developer Who Needs A Job? Want a $1000?

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Do You Know a Java Developer Who Needs A Job? Want a $1000?Do you have a friend who’s a cool guy to drink pints with but when it’s time to pay, he’s nowhere to be found? Bodog has the perfect way for you to get some reparations for all those end of the night disappearing acts, and do your buddy a solid at the same time.

Bodog is hiring Java developers in Asia. If you know someone who fits the bill send his LinkedIn profile to [email protected] and if your underemployed friend is qualified and he takes the job, Bodog will give you a cool $1000 as a way to say thanks.


Here’s what they are looking for:

  • Bodog is looking for a number of Java Developers to be part of a talented team of software developers working in the Pearl of the Orient, Manila.
  • The ideal candidates will be proactive, smart, customer-focused, technical, and have a passion for troubleshooting and solving problems.
  • They will be working with cutting-edge technologies and be responsible for developing service oriented middle-tier software to best achieve business needs.
  • They need to possess excellent English communication skills.
  • They should have experience working in an “Agile environment with Enterprise Java technologies”.
If this job sounds like the right fit for you, send your resume to [email protected] or if this sounds like the right fit for your pint-mooching friends, send their LinkedIn profile to [email protected] and you could potentially be a $1000 richer. Who knows, your buddy might even stick around to pick up the tab once or twice. It’s a win-win.

Winter’s coming so why not move to the Philippines where you can work for a great company, cut down on your cost of living, enjoy sunshine and 30°c heat, then you can make every weekend a holiday.