Merge Gaming Network CEO departs

Merge Gaming Network

Merge Gaming NetworkMerge Gaming Network CEO Anthony Taylor has announced his intention to step down after five years in charge of the poker network. Pokerfuse report the CEO resigned from his position whilst the company is understood to have told business partners the departure is no reason for concern. The company hasn’t yet issued a press release and it won’t be fully confirmed until that takes place.

Taylor moving on follows what has been a tumultuous couple of years for one of the most prominent poker networks. Two of their largest skins had their domain names taken on Blue Monday and they had to scale back in the country for some time. That meant the company refusing customers from a number of U.S. states for a few months before they came back to see whether they could still make it in the U.S.A.

There were rumors there would be another raft of payment processor seizures that would have affected Merge Gaming Network and even though they haven’t come yet there is still bound to be those, in the company, that worry about a repeat of Blue Monday.

The CEO resigning comes shortly after they decided to close a number of tables in late August so as to improve the ailing health of their poker ecosystem – one that is recovering slowly from the loss of Lock Poker in May. At the time Lock, which is run by Jennifer Larson, claimed that Merge would lose 40 percent of business as a result – a claim that was refuted by some. Taylor moving on could facilitate it moving closer to the top of the poker market once again, dispelling any worries that Lock deciding leaving will have that much of a detrimental effect. It could, of course, go the other way. Who knows!?