Lesniak and Christie et al win NJ fist-fight

We lost the one with Pom Poms

New Jersey is turning into a bit of a battleground as far as online gambling is concerned right now. On the one side you’ve got the politicians, such as Governor Chris Christie who are staunchly behind plans to develop a sports betting market in the state to save Atlantic City. The other side of the fence is the various professional and amateur sports league that are so against it they’d probably set fire to a bag of dog shit and leave it on the politicians’ doorsteps.

With Senator Raymond Lesniak knowing no bounds in his criticism of various leagues and New Jersey looking like they will push on without federal support we knew it was time to take some drastic action ourselves – a weekly poll on the subject.

We asked our users: Which side wins in New Jersey?

Coming in the runner-up position with 43 percent were the Major and Amateur Sports Leagues.

That meant Christie, Lesniak and the Politicians romped home with 57 percent of the vote.

As a reward to Lesniak we’ll draw credence to his latest attack on the NFL, which took place yesterday when he accused the league of wanting “a piece of the action” and singled it out as a significant thorn in the side of New Jersey.

Carrying on in the sports betting vein we decided to open up this week’s poll to perhaps the most bet-on sports league on the planet – the English Premier League. Can Manchester City repeat last year’s success or can Robin van Persie’s new side Manchester United pip them? Or does it go to one of the trio of London clubs lurking?