Is Michael Phelps ready to dive into the world of poker?

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michael phelps poker playerThe funny thing about being in the spotlight is that gossip seems to follow you like a swarm of bees that just got their hive ramshackled. Michael Phelps, he of the designation as the most decorated Olympian ever, recently stamped his name in the history books at the 2012 London Olympics. Apparently, even that is old news now.

In addition to his status as the world’s best swimmer, Phelps is also known as an avid poker player. Or as some people would describe it, “the dude’s obsessed with poker”. So much so, it turns out, that the Daily Mail is quoting a National Inquirer story that some of Phelps’ friends are concerned about the swimmer’s so-called “gambling secret”.

“All Michael thinks about is gambling,’ a poker-playing friend of Phelps told the National Inquirer. That would seem to be fine if not for the worry of some of his friends who believe that his uber competitive nature could potentially be disastrous in the poker table, especially if the time comes where he begins to chase loses.

Phelps’ most recent net worth estimate is at $45 million, a number that some people believe could significantly increase in light of his record-breaking Olympics performance. With that much money in tow, people in Phelps’ circle are concerned that Phelps could be too drawn in to the game that he ends up flushing millions of his money down the proverbial drain.

Here’s the thing, though, about Michael Phelps. First, he’s going to have enough endorsement money that could probably fill an Olympic-sized pool. Second, he loves to play poker. Loves it with a passion, actually. And the dude’ pretty good, too, having cashed on a number of tournaments in the past. It’s not like he’s a fish out of water – sorry, couldn’t resist the absurd attempt at a pun – when it comes to playing the game.┬áRemember, this is the same guy that spent hours learning the poker ropes from no less than Doyle Brunson so, at the very least, he’s had some impressive mentors who have taught him the ins-and-outs of the game.

If he wants to play poker, who’s stopping him from doing so? Certainly not us.


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