DOWN UNDER: Two Way pulling merger; NZ Lotto goes mobile; Pensioners to be banned from Titanic II casino

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Australian flagAustralian gambling industry developer Two Way is understood to be having second thoughts about a merger. The company has been in talks with Priority One Network Group Limited for some time and is believed to be pulling out of the deal due to several material breaches from the Priority One side of the deal. The breaches were discovered as part of the due diligence undertaken by the two and it comes just a matter of days after they cited the Priority One “concept” as one that has “significant potential”.

It hasn’t been disclosed what the breaches are, but Two Way did release a statement, which said: “If the circumstances resulting in the material breaches continue to exist for five business days from the date of the notice, Two Way intends to terminate the merger implementation agreement and not to proceed with the proposed transaction outlined in the Australian Stock Exchange announcements.”

New Zealand‘s national lottery has launched a new website with mobile very much at the forefront of their thinking. has been optimised so that it can take advantage of both Android and iOS, and launched on April 16. The New Zealand Lotteries Commission, who launched the site, stated that it allows users to “easily buy tickets, check results and access their stored favourite numbers’ using a range of handsets”. There will also be an outlet finder for anyone that still fancies the old paper printed method.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has warned pensioners they won’t be able to use the casino in the cruise ship dubbed Titanic II. reports that Palmer wants the ship, identically modeled on the original doomed voyager, to ban from the on-board casino pensioners and anyone that can’t afford a first-class ticket. Palmer commented:  “I love pensioners. My closest relations are pensioners. I was just trying to say that we need to protect and respect people who have given a lot service to this country and make sure that we don’t act positively to impoverish them later — that’s all it boils down to. We have to have some social responsibility too.”