HogWild Poker partners with women’s poker organizations to create leagues for women players

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HOG WILD POKER LEAGUES COM LOGOHogWild Poker is taking it’s innovative brand of online league poker community to a new level by announcing a partnership with three major women’s poker organizations to create leagues specifically for women players. As one of the premier providers of player-created leagues, HoldWild Poker has become quite a popular site for online poker players and this new venture is the latest example of how these guys have a penchant for thinking outside the box. Or in this case, embracing the fairer sex.

In a statement released to the media, Jeff Amrein, Founder and CEO of HogWild, talked about the efforts of the site to enhance the stature of female poker players. “Women are the fastest growing under-served segment of the poker world today, and we want to make sure they are welcome here at HogWild Poker – both in open leagues or in leagues designated for female play against their fellow organization members,” Amrein said.

As part of this new set-up, three women’s poker organizations will be working with HogWild to design their own respective leagues, each open to women and will come with unique prizes ranging from beauty products to live tournament entries.

The first organization is The Women’s Poker Club headed by Maryann Morrison. Considered as one of the most ardent proponents of women’s poker in the world, Morrison is no stranger to spearheading all-female events, having earned the distinction of being the first to host women’s events in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City while also serving as the managing editor of Woman Poker Player magazine. As part of their tie-up with HogWild Poker, the Women’s Poker Club will be setting a private league that allows its players to compete for a bunch of cool prizes that include iPods, beauty products, and spa gift cards.

The second organization to collaborate with HogWild is the aptly named High Heels Poker Tour, an organization headed by Lauren Failla, whose mission is to “empower women who want to become champions in the growing world of poker”. Unlike The Women’s Poker Club, the HHPT will create its own league where prizes range from satellite buy-ins or even tournament entries.

And then there’s the Ladies International Poker Series, or as we’d all prefer to call it: LIPS. This league, spearheaded by Lupe Soto, will tie-up with HogWild to create the “LIPS Charity Throw Down Series”, an series wherein the top 10 HogWild top scorers will be sent to the Jennifer Harman Charity Throw Down Tournament that’s set to take place in Reno, Nevada this coming November.

Talking about the stakes in the LIPS Charity Throw Down Series, Soto explains the importance of the Jennifer Harman Charity Throw Down tournament. “The event raises much-needed funds and awareness for local charities in the Reno, Nevada area,” she said. This year, there’s a lot riding on LIPS, too, considering that they’re the defending champions in the tournament. “We have supported this event over the past four years and last year, our LIPS Team won,” Soto proudly says.

We have to admit that HogWild Poker’s partnership with these three women’s poker organizations is a stroke of genius. We’re huge proponents of the propagation of women’s poker. This endeavor is a great way to show the skills of female poker players and it only shows that women have as much reason to be playing on the felt as the men do.




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