Genesis Gaming Solutions gets US patent for high-tech casino gaming tables

genesis gaming solutionsAnybody that has been involved in the gambling world will tell you that technological advances in the industry has played a big part in the continued popularity gambling from people of all walks of life. That’s why technological improvements matter, especially when it comes to matters that can improve gambling experience.

Genesis Gaming Solutions, Inc., a leader in hardware and software solutions for casino pit and poker room management, is taking the next step forward in that regard after recently announcing that it has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – US Patent # 8,130,097 – involving a new card and chip detection system that goes with its highly successful BRAVO Pit & Poker Management System.

Genesis Gaming Solutions’ new technology involves the improvement of hand count information and player rating accuracy, as well as correctly measuring operational metrics. According to GGS, the technology can detect objects placed on a gaming table, thanks in large part to light sensors that have been embedded under the table felts. The aforementioned light sensors have been designed to read through the felt fabric, capable of detecting cards and chips and where they are placed on the table. Anytime a game is being played, in such cases where cards are dealt or chips are placed when someone is making a bet, the sensors can determine that a hand is being played on that specific spot, which is then forwarded to the BRAVO Pit & Poker Management System for data collecting.

More than just data gathering, the new system also allows casino management to gather information on dealer speed and efficiency, making it easier for them to see how smooth games are running on what tables. On top of that, casinos can also identify if a certain table has made propositions or bonus bets that are independent from the main game, enabling for, as GGS puts it, “more accurate data for cost-benefit analysis of a particular bonus bet.”

In a press release, Genesis Gaming Solutions president Randy Knust explains the benefits of the new technology for casinos. “Using exact hand counts when rating table play is always the preferred method over time-based ratings,” he said.

“This technology, utilized with our BRAVO Pit & Poker Management System, provides a cost effective solution for fair and accurate player ratings that is a benefit to both the casino and its customers.”