More revealed about Russia casino zone; Macau border crossing will be 24 hours; Man fined for cheating at Singapore casino

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asia gambling industryRussia will open up a casino tender as early as June as they look to tap into Asia’s bustling gaming industry. Reuters report the resort of Vladivostok is aiming to construct a six sq-km zone and could have it completed within five years. A Gaming Market Advisors report estimates the market could take between $2 billion and $7 billion every year when it’s completed and become a big part of the Asian gaming industry.

Marina Lomakina, general director of Nash Dom, explained to Reuters that firms will require a minimum of $2 billion to invest and added: “We want companies who are well known and will help create amenities that are more than just casino gaming.”

Government officials will enter discussion with interested parties in October and who knows. In seven years time we might all be talking about Russia in the same vein as Macau and Singapore.

Macau’s new pedestrian-only border crossing is expected to operate around the clock. The crossing between the enclave and Zhuhai in the north will handle up to 250,000 people per day according to Macau Business and was approved by Macau and Guangdong authorities just last week. The news could mean more mass-market customers for the enclave’s casinos and more people is never a bad thing where business is concerned.

A Mongolian man has been fined for cheating at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands casino. Strait Times report that Khorloo Khaliun, 44, was fined $4,000 after he attempted to try and cheat a croupier at a three card poker tables. He deliberately placed an extra $25 chip on top of his stack in the “ante column” and as such would have received an additional $50 worth of chips.


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