Jersey moves closer to mobile gambling; MGM Grand in hot water; Quinn rules out gambling expansion

mobile casinoNew Jersey is moving closer to allowing intrastate mobile gambling with news that a bill to allow casino patrons to use devices in Atlantic City venues passed a state Assembly committee in Trenton. According to the pressofAtlanticCity it now heads to a full vote in the House. The Senate in the mean time will take up an identical bill. Under the terms of the bill casino business locations in the beleaguered corner of Joyzee can offer visitors gambling devices with which they can gamble anywhere in the issuing casino. Anywhere but the parking garage.

Two members voted against the bill with concerns centered around declines that casinos could suffer and the impact that would have on social programs. The bill differs slightly to Nevada in that their patrons can download an app to a smartphone and use it all over the state with AC only allowing it on casino grounds. There’s also the sticky issue of sports betting that could see great gains for the casinos but is still banned in New Jersey.

Over in Nevada TMZ is reporting the MGM Grand is undertaking an internal investigation after the late Whitney Houston’s daughter was found to be gambling at the venue. A video posted on the entertainment gossip website shows Bobbi chancing her hand at the casino’s slots. It would all be fine were Bobbi Kristina not 19. The Nevada Gaming Commission has undertaken its own investigation and the punishment for both parties could be a hefty one. Underage gambling carries a penalty of up to six months in jail as well as a $1,000 fine and MGM could also be subject to a hefty fine.

Illinois governor Pat Quinn has ruled out any new gambling industry expansion after describing it as a “shiny” distraction. Capitol Fax reported that Quinn told the legislator that he was “not going to get distracted by that subject” and appeared to deny more slots being allowed at the state’s horseracing venues. When questioned on the horsetrack slots he told those asking to “read the framework. You’ll find out where I stand, and I think it’s a very important stand”. The framework doesn’t include any reference to slots.