Bodemeister listed as 2012 Preakness Stakes favorite


churchill-downs-thanks-onlineI’ll Have Another’s impressive come-from-behind victory at the 2012 Kentucky Derby wasn’t enough to make it the favorite for this weekend’s 2012 Preakness Stakes at the Pimlico Race Course in Maryland. That distinction goes to Bodemeister, the horse it beat out on the last stretch to complete its historic comeback.

The Kentucky Derby runner-up has been listed as an 8/5 favorite to take the victory that eluded it at Louisville. Despite not being the favorite, I’ll Have Another’s win at Kentucky has vaulted it up the favorites list with 5/2 odds. Coming in tied at third in the list are Creative Cause and When The Day Well, both of whom were given 6/1 odds.

Of the six horses that competed at Kentucky and will be behind the gates at Preakness, I’ll Have Another saw its odds jump from 15/1 in Kentucky to 5/2. Needless to say, we know the reason behind that. Meanwhile, Bodemeister’s 4/1 odds at Kentucky didn’t change too much with its 5/2 Preakness odds. Creative Cause also saw its odds jump from 11/1 to 6/1 while Went The Day Well saw its chances of winning sky rocket from 30/1 at Kentucky to 6/1 at Preakness.

As for the rest of the field, Daddy Knows Best has been listed at 12/1, followed closely by Teeth Of The Dog at 15/1. As for the back of the pack, Zatterholm has been given 20/1 odds, and tied for the ultimate long-shots are four horses that could pay off handsomely should they miraculously pull off a Coventry. Tiger Walk, Pretension, Optimizer, and Cazzetti are all slated at 30/1 odds.

The odds are still subject to change, although that would probably happen only at the day of the race. So if anybody’s looking to strike gold at the Preakness the same way those who backed I’ll Have Another’s 15/1 odds cashed in at the Kentucky Derby, maybe its not that stupid to place an amount on Tiger Walk.

If for nothing else, the name sounds pretty cool for a thoroughbred.