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match fixingWhen it comes to match fixing we’ve been hearing that everyone is getting even tougher in the lead-up to this summer’s Olympic Games in London. If you believe what you read in various media outlets then Asia is the root cause for all of this and European authorities aren’t doing enough to combat it.

Granted that some unregulated markets in Asia do see fixing but the European gambling industry firms have a handle on any fixing taking place. In order to get a better idea of what the gambling industry thinks of this illicit practice we polled our readers on who should be doing more.

We posed the question “Who should be doing more to combat match fixing?” and gave them five options.

Coming bottom of the pile with just 1 percent of the vote were the boys in blue, the Police. Or did readers just think it was Sting and his band of brothers?

After this came the guys that write the laws and run the country, the government, with 5 percent.

Most of you seem to have taken on board that the gambling industry already does a lot to combat fixing and this was acknowledged by sportsbooks polling just 13 percent in third place.

Clearly many of you think that sports’ plethora of governing bodies should be doing more to combat fixing as 33 percent of you voted for this option.

When it came to first place the readers of the tablog were almost unanimous in their choice. 48 percent said a combination of all of them should have a responsibility for fixing. This is what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) are aiming for at this summer’s games and more cooperation would surely help to stamp out the practice.

Now that the News of the World has disappeared from our shelves there have been, and will be, far less tabloid stings related to fixing and working together will be the best way to combat any new cases that might emerge.

This week’s poll asks how you will spend your Easter weekend. It’s ok we won’t tell the wife what your answer is!


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