Macau daily news round up

macau skyline 4Macau could benefit from controversial plans to tax casino goers in Goa. Local authorities in the state are planning to levy a surcharge on locals that visit casinos in order to discouraging them from doing so. Tourists will benefit from a reduction and Union Gaming Research thinks it will help boost Indian visitors to the enclave’s casinos.

“While the lowered entry fee could generate more tourist entries, we believe a law that excludes locals from gambling could result in a marginal visitation benefit for other Asian gaming jurisdictions like Cambodia, Malaysia, Macau and Singapore,” Union Gaming Research analysts said in a note cited by Macau Business.

Casino currency supplier Gaming Partners International recorded revenues of US$61.1 million and net income of US$3.7 million over the past year. That increased from US$59.9 million in revenues in 2010 but it was a drop in revenues from US$4.4 million. The increased revenue was as a result of deals in place to provide casinos with new European style chips. Gregory Gronau, GPIC President and CEO added: “This reflected the opening of the Galaxy Macau casino, with both chip and RFID solution sales, as well as rebranding and replacement sales with Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia casinos.”

Melco Crown estimates that it has invested over MOP100 million in environmentally friendly facilities since entering the market. It’s thought the CO2 reduction has prolonged the lives of 1.3 million trees and they’ve saved enough water to fill over 140 Olympic-size pools. Co-chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho said: “I am very proud of the accomplishments we have done in the past years.”