Novelty prop bets on this year’s Super Bowl

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Brady and ManningIndianapolis welcomes the latest Manning-Brady duel this weekend as the Patriots and Giants juke it out to see who takes home the Lombardi Trophy. Finding out who’s going to Disneyworld is so exciting it attracts the largest television audience of any program worldwide. Super Bowl Sunday is just as huge for the US-facing gambling industry. According to some stories one third of US adults bet on the game and sports betting sites see more signups on the Sunday in early February than any other on the calendar. Not even the Kentucky Derby comes close.

One thing that has gained more popularity in recent years is the prop bets – or “exotic” as some like to brand them. The Las Vegas Hotel sportsbook has around 400 prop bets on Super Bowl XLVI ranging from first touchdown to player vs player bets. There is even the chance to place Super Bowl prop bets against other sports – for example Brandon Jacobs touchdowns (-300) are up against Wayne Rooney goals against Chelsea on Feb 5th (+250).

Vegas sportsbooks aren’t able to offer bets on factors around the game. That’s stuff like the half time show, pre-game show, national anthem, adverts, and so and so forth. Thankfully online gaming sites have this market catered for. Whether you want to bet on more flesh being on show or Madonna blowing over in the Lucas Oil Stadium artificial wind then it’s here. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite five…

Will NBC show Madonna’s boyfriend, Brahim Zalbat, on screen between kick-off and the final whistle? Yes (2.00) No (1.67) (

More of a question would be whether NBC will be able to work out who Zalbat is…To make even more spicy how about Guy Ritchie attends and they scope the camera on him. Then watch Madonna fight the NBC executives as if it’s a re-enactment of Ritchie’s film Snatch. D’ya like daaagss?

How many times will David Tyree’s 2008 Super Bowl catch be shown on TV during the game? Over 1 (1.87) Under 1 (1.87) (

This is the obvious winner when it comes to the gambler. Everyone knows this moment will be played at least twice during the game. If the Giants fall far behind and look like coming back then gear yourself up for Tyree overload.

Gatorade Bath Colour? Red (8/1), Clear/Water (1/1), Orange (5/2), Lime Green (11/2), Blue (10/1), Yellow (2/1) (BetUSA)

The only question we have here is…what happens if Tom Coughlin’s developed a likeness for blackcurrant flavored Gatorade and the Giants win. Where will ya be then?! Eh!

Will Madonna be wearing fishnet stockings at any point during half time? Yes (1.83) No (1.83) (

With the plethora of outfit changes taking place during half-time this is pretty much a certainty. More to the point will she be wearing a nipple tassle ala Janet J?

What’s clear is that this year’s game is simply huge. Get the beer by the keg load and get ready for Sunday.


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