Probability excited by opportunities that could lie ahead

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ProbabilityMobile specialists Probability have told of their excitement at the imminent prospect of operating in the United States in their latest trading update. In the third quarter to 31 December the firm’s net gaming revenue increased 27% to £1.87million with deposits from iPhone, Android and touch devices were up 55%. December was also a record month for deposits with the figure for the three-month period up 48% in terms of gaming accounts.

In terms of the US market, CEO Charles Cohen said: “We are very excited by the prospect of individual states opening their local markets and already it seems that several are making plans to do just that.

“This is a perfect scenario for mobile gambling because mobile is the only platform where the location of the user can be assured with any degree of certainty at the time they place their bets. Over 109,000,000 Americans are already using apps on smartphones which are capable of running our games.

“Probability has never taken wagers from US players and has always maintained a clean sheet as a responsible regulated operator generally. Without prior misdemeanours, we expect entry to the emerging US e-gaming and e-lottery market to be a realistic opportunity for us.

“We intend to actively pursue this opportunity and are already engaged in early stage discussions with several parties in the US to explore our options. We will report back to shareholders on our progress when appropriate.”

The firm continues to make inroads in terms of the worldwide mobile market and will have something to say whenever it is that state-by-state regulation does take place. In terms of other markets that they may enter, they have no plans to start working in Italy as they “cannot offer a commercially viable service” until slots are permitted by the regulator AAMS.


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