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videoBeing unique in that we’re the only site in the industry to maximise video coverage, we thought we’d not only remind ourselves how good we are at it, but we’d also see what you guys want to see more of. So last week we polled our readers with the question: What type of videos would you like to see more of on

Before we reveal what you lot out there said, we’d like to thank you for your input and letting us know which types of our videos you can’t get enough of, and which you’d like to see more of. It’s important to us that we know what coverage our readers dig in order to maximise the best content and offer more than you can feast your beady eyes upon.

So, top of our poll was “Industry Interviews” with 38% of the vote. To be honest, with our exclusive interviews with industry figures like the Poker Hall of Famer himself, Erik ‘Sly’ Seidel being so popular, it’s no real surprise that you want to see more of these reports on our site. And don’t worry – we’ll keep it up.

It’s Interesting that in second place was “Interactive Live Broadcasts” with 22% of the vote. We don’t yet feature this type of video, but seen as though more than one in five you would like to see it – we’ll work extra hard to make sure we bring it to you.

Original News Segments” came third with 16% of votes, showing us that you like watching the news just as much as you do reading it. “Party Coverage” was polled second to last with 13% of the votes, which is surprising as we thought there’d be more of you wanting a nosey peep at those iGaming party antics. In last place was “Conference Highlights” with 11% of votes.

So there you have it. It seems you guys are all about the industry interviews. We’re sure you’ll be pleased that we’ll be doing our very best to bring you more of these in the near future, with the help of the lovely Tatjana Pasalic and the delightful Becky Liggero. This now leads us to the question: who would you like to see interviewed next?


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