Gaming Industry News Weekly Recap – Stories You Might Have Missed

weekly-news-recap-december-10Bodog anonymous tables spark hacker altruism
It wasn’t just Facebook that got hacked this week. Volunteer hackers stuck a digital digit up the back end of Bodog Poker’s new anonymous tables software and helpfully pointed out a bit of leftover toilet paper. With the threat of skidmarks eliminated, Bodog thanked their proctologist, but didn’t shake his hand. Meanwhile, the Everleaf Gaming network chose to cap weekly winnings for players whose “playing rating is too high.” Too high? What’s wrong with getting high? What happened to you, Sweetleaf network? You used to be cool…

Sheldon Adelson ‘morally opposed’ to online gambling
The irascible Las Vegas Sands honcho reportedly believes online gambling would be a political distraction in the upcoming US election year. Worse news for US poker players is that Sen. Jon Kyl is listening to what Sheldon has to say.

First conviction under Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
Okay, who had Todd Lyons in their ‘first man to be convicted under UIGEA pool’? The Sports Offshore credit betting agent exited a Massachusetts courtroom and entered the record books (associate Daniel Eremian in tow). Meanwhile, Mike O’Donnell examines the stealthy ways by which companies that left the US market post-UIGEA are sneaking back across the border.

Global gaming industry to grow 9.2% annually
Pricewaterhouse Coopers has good news and bad news for the gambling industry: global growth will hit 9.2% per annum between next year and 2015, and most of that growth will be driven by Asia. Whether or not you truly consider that last item bad news depends on the strength of your company’s Asian strategy.

Ontario Lottery & Gaming asks for online gambling help
The personal ad would read: Canada’s largest province looking for full-service back end action.

European Commission plans big fines for failure to report data breaches
The EC is considering draft regulations that would fine companies up to 5% of global turnover for failure to let authorities and customers know the digital locks had been picked.

Horse racing is the disease, but Betfair is the cure
A Betview poll of industry professionals found 78% of them think horse racing is dying. Meanwhile, Betfair’s playing the mad scientist, waving test tubes around and screaming that it’s found an antidote.

Mike’s marketing moves
Mike O’Donnell discusses methods of standing out from the online gambling crowd.

London casino attracts a crowd
The new Aspers casino has proven a hit with Londoners, with 30k checking out the joint on its opening weekend. No big surprise, with one in three London professionals visiting a casino at least once every two months, and 17% of City boys dropping £500/month on betting.

Taxing times
Irish bookies want their government to apply the new online betting tax to everyone, while Rank wants to harmonize the UK rates for online and land operators.

Digital Gaming & Lottery Policy Summit in Washington
Deck the halls with online gaming industry people! On Day 1, our Rebecca Liggero caught up with state Sen. Ray Lesniak, the prime mover behind New Jersey’s sports betting bill. On Day 2, Rep. Joe Barton brought cake. Good times.

Hey, look – a naked girl
Lindsay Lohan gets her kit off. Consider our Herbie fully loaded.

Lilo got her kit off, but Liggero (Becky to you) kept her clothes on at the IGB España Conference in Madrid. She needed something on which to pin her nametag.