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MMA vs BoxingThe UFC has made a strong push to become the premier combat sport after signing a major television deal and the growing success of its reality television series- Ultimate Fighter.

As the MMA continues to grow in popularity among fans and bettors, the more traditional combat sport of boxing has seen better days. Controversial outcomes and a lack of high appeal marquee fights between top contenders, mainly Pac-Man and Mayweather, and a boring heavyweight division has made many fans frustrated with the once premier combat sport of boxing.

We polled our viewers to gauge the “Combat Sports they most enjoy watching,” here are the results.

In the minds of 39 percent of our viewers, boxing is still the combat sport of choice.

27 percent responded that the combat sport they most enjoy watching was mixed martial arts.

The pacifists also weighed in with 22 percent saying they don’t enjoy either.

12 percent haven’t chosen a side just yet, and enjoyed watching both boxing and mixed martial arts equally.

One’s preference can vary depending on their age. For those old enough to have watched the golden ages of boxing with the likes of Ali, Fraser, Hollyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, De La Hoya, Tyson and the like, boxing will always hold a special place in your heart.

But it’s undeniable that MMA is the new kid on the block that kicks, grapples and uses submission moves.

The question is, which combat sport do you enjoy betting on more?


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