Massachusetts anti-casino groups have new axe to grind; Tropicana COO and President steps down

boston skylineOpponents of casino business expansion in Massachusetts are pulling out all the stops to try and prevent a final vote on the bill later this week. Their latest axe to grind concerns job estimates of around 21,000 in total that they described as “wildly optimistic”. Anti-casino groups doubt that bringing casinos to the state will mean approximately $300million in annual tax revenue, a figure they dub as outdated.

In response, Senate President Therese Murray dismissed the concerns and told, “They are jobs with benefits and they are jobs that pay you a salary.”

The news follows our earlier article that struck out a chord for all of those that want to have fun in downtown Boston at the city’s proposed happy hours. We wonder what the anti-casino bodies actually do with their spare time. If they don’t like entertainment then it’s unlikely that their lives have a lot going on in them and we can’t even begin to speculate what goes on after hours.

President and Chief Operating Officer of Tropicana Las Vegas has upped and left the company and we can only assume that he isn’t a fan of that Orange stuff anymore. A statement stated that Thomas McCartney’s resignation is effective as of October 31st and brings to an end a short 10-month stay at the firm.

“I am confident that Tropicana Las Vegas once again has become a very competitive property on the Las Vegas Strip due to its physical and service transformation,” McCartney said.

Well at least you’re not leaving them in a pile of excrement with no paddle to get out then Tom.