Trump Taj Mahal offers $25K plastic surgery prize

tajmahal casinoWhen the chips are down and your back is against the wall, anything goes- that must be the position the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City is taking with their latest promotion.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort plans to give $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to a winner from a player’s card contest. The winner of the contest will have the choice to mix and match surgeries including breast enhancements, tummy tucks, liposuction and face lifts until the total hits $25K.

Getting work done is the cool thing to do. If you don’t like your lips, hips, breasts, ass or even your whole face, these days you can just buy a new one or you can enter and win this contest.

All you have to do is strip down and look in the mirror. Take a good long look. Now, what about yourself don’t you like?

$25K in plastic surgery can turn you into either a freak show or Hollywood babe. For men, if you don’t do your plastic surgery sparingly, you could wind up looking like Michael Jackson.

The winner of this contest can opt for the cash prize of $25K instead of the plastic surgery which is probably what most men would do. But if not, it’s more likely the winner of this contest will be spending the money on his girlfriend or wife, it’s a better investment.
For women, considering breast upgrades can cost between $5k- 8K, liposuction at 10K and chin and cheek implant for $3K, if you do the math, $25K can bring her pretty close to looking like Kim Kardashian or on the extreme end, Heidi Montag. Beauty isn’t cheap, a face can run you up to $9K, nose jobs $6K and eyelid tucks up to $5K; that $25K disappears very fast.

I can’t knock the hustle, casinos in Atlantic City need to do something and anything to attract more consumers even if it means wacky promotions like this one.

Kathleen McSweeney, senior vice president of marketing for Trump Entertainment Resorts.”We wanted to change the face of a typical casino promotion, and with this one we are literally doing it…Many people have something they want to change; a nip and tuck here, a lift there, but the cost of these procedures can be quite costly…This promotion will allow the winner the opportunity to get the procedures of their choice.”

The question is, if you had to get work done, what would you enhance?