Breakthrough in EPT Berlin trial

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EPT BerlinTwo men accused of masterminding the 2010 EPT Berlin heist look to be in deep shit after one of the axe-men that carried out the attack has spoken out. According to, the 22-year-old, who was one of four nutcases that carried out the robbery, gave evidence against 32-year-old Mohammed Abou-C and 30-year-old Ibrahim El-M at the Berlin State Courthouse.

The trial, which began in August 2010, saw its first breakthrough a year later with Abou-C proclaiming his innocence whilst laying the blame at the feet of El-M. The latest evidence from one of the robbers alleges that the accused gave the four men instructions and drove the car in which they got away. Who is it that he blames? He lays the blame at the feet of El-M as well and also explained how the money was divided between the robbers. Each of then received €45,000 for the robbery with €5,000 to the tipster who it’s reported was Abou-C.

Footage of the heist was captured on camera as the final table took place at the €1million tournament in March 2010. The eventual winner of the event Kevin McAphee is probably still mega pissed that his thunder was quite literally stolen by a bunch of criminals.

The latest evidence does clear some of the mess up. The small matter of €242,000 still accounted for will keep the prosecutors busy though. The case is expected to continue into the depths of December this year as they try to work out where the moolah has gone. I’d go for it being buried in an onion field. Just watch out for it inside your next jar of Sauerkraut.


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