Microgaming remixes Poker Network

microgaming thumbAfter taking in feedback from its players, Microgaming has remixed its software and released a new version of the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN), including usability updates and a new bonus tool for operators and players.

The most noticeable changes in response to player feedback include: larger cards, a change from 10 to 9 seat cash games tables, improvements to the configurability of the bet slider and additions to the My Calendar feature to include players’ MTT schedules. Some updates, specifically, the larger cards and change from 10 to 9 seat tables, will only take place once the release is deployed across all the operators on the MPN in October.

Usability updates included: a new Multi-Table Launcher, Auto Buy-In, and optimisation of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

As an extension of the Loyalty System released by the company earlier in the year the software release includes a comprehensive bonus tool, with both a standard pending bonus and an immediate bonus.

Lydia Melton, head of Network Games at Microgaming said in the release, “At Microgaming we are constantly innovating and looking for ways to enhance our Poker product…The new features and functionality have been developed from listening to operator and player feedback and we are confident that the new software version will lead to an enhanced user experience.”

Daniel Eskola, head of Poker at Unibet, one of the first operators to go live with the release, commented: “At Unibet, we are all very excited about this update, which brings in new functionality for ourselves and our players as well as improvements on old classics. This release demonstrates Microgaming’s commitment to on-going software development and responsiveness to player and operator requests.”