Cologne fined for shit show

football riotIt’s one thing to wind up in a full fledged donnybrook at a soccer game where haymakers and sucker punches are being thrown from every direction. It a completely different story when a brawl breaks out and people are throwing piss and shit at each other like a bunch of crazy monkeys.

That would never happen at an Ayr United match.

After an August 13 incident in which Cologne lost the game 5-1, it’s been reported that the German football federation has fined Cologne €10,000 ($14,000) after fans threw “several beakers filled with urine and excrement” at Schalke fans during a Bundesliga match.
The DFB says it fined the club for the fans’ “unsporting behaviour.”

Can you imagine the look on the Schalke supporters faces when urine and excrement rained down in plastic cups from above. Now that’s what you call getting “shit on.”

Cologne president Wolfgang Overath said at the time that the perpetrators were “not football fans. These people have no interest in sport…It’s impossible to understand how football can be abused for such incomprehensible actions. The DFB, and of course we as a club, have to reflect on how things have come to such excesses.”

Excesses is putting it lightly. Cologne has agreed to pay the fine, the incident is sure to leave a rather rancid taste in the mouths of Schalke fans. Literally.