California not getting online poker this year

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CaliforniaCalifornia won’t be seeing online gaming industry legislation until January 2012 at the earliest. A letter (full copy can be seen here) sent to stakeholders from the Upper House’s Top Democrat Darrell Steinberg explains that no online gaming industry legislation will take place before the end of the current legislative year on September 9th. In the letter, Steinberg wrote, “We believe that well thought out, fair solutions to these differences can be reached but not before the end of this legislative year on September 9th.”

Steinberg cited “significant, unresolved issues” that make it “unwise” to push any bills through before the deadline. This will be a blow to the two warring bills that have been backed by different parties including one backed by significant California tribal gaming groups. The amount spent on lobbying for online poker in the state will mean that the anger at a bill not being pushed through is heightened. The letter did contain some consolation for those backing either SB45 or SB40.

Steinberg added that as long as there are no “unforeseen circumstances,” a bill will definitely be on the table in January of next year. In the interim the Democrat urged those stakeholders “to be actively engaged during the interim in helping craft this objective proposal.” Steinberg added, “This is the first year of a two-year session.

“There is time to get this right, and it is imperative that we do so.”

There will be an additional information hearing this Wednesday that was scheduled by the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee. It goes to show that California is still serious about online poker and the Mortal Kombat between the two bills will be back on very soon.. Now just to think up the most elaborate fatality. I was always a Sub Zero fan myself.


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