Gaming Industry News Weekly Recap – Stories You Might Have Missed, Merge Gaming Network re-open for new US business
Following a brief hiatus to retrench and shut down its affiliate program, resumed accepting new US players, with its poker offshoot Merge Gaming Network following suit a few days later. takes a pounding as shares fall below 100p (Pwin) shares lost a third of their value over the past two weeks, briefly dipping below the psychological barrier of 100p on Wednesday. Will the coming week be any kinder, or is time for shareholders to pwanic?

William Hill boss says the UK is ugly and its mama dresses it funny
From his safe haven in Gibraltar, CEO Ralph Topping hurled invective (and possibly feces, we can’t be sure from this distance) at UK politicians for having the nerve to propose changes to their online gambling regulations.

Ongame poker network US-bound?
With Pwin desperate to dump ‘surplus asset’ OnGame before the end of the year, speculation mounts that it will be shipped to America as a mail-order bride for some land-based casino outfit that’s positively gagging for it.

Las Vegas revenues up; Atlantic City, er, no
Las Vegas recorded its second consecutive month of revenue growth, while Atlantic City is just one month away from three straight years of negative growth. Hey… You don’t think portly NJ Gov. Christie’s been eating AC’s missing revenues, do you?

Sportsbet, Betfair raked over Australian coals for doing business with affiliates
Sportsbet CEO Cormac Barry thought he was winning over Aussie politicians with claims that online gambling outfits were better equipped to deal with problem gamblers, but all that went out the window once the pols learned of the existence of the affiliate business.

Will Kyl kill US online poker legislation hopes in the womb?
Sen. Jon Kyl (and a number of like-minded brethren) has been added to the congressional ‘super committee’, the legislative body some have pegged as producing the likely vehicle for a US online poker bill this fall.

Betfair gets cheeky with beach bum advert
Betfair scored a promotional coup by slapping a QR code on the bikini bottoms of two British beach volleyball players. Between the pervs ogling arses, and the prudes objecting to the ogling of arses, this Buttfair promotion has already paid for itself.

UK yobs go for broke on Ladbrokes shop
Three and a half decades on, an entirely different bunch of punks take the advice of The Clash’s Joe Strummer and have “a riot of their own” to express their burning outrage over, er, um… Richard Glynn’s inability to close the Sportingbet acquisition?

Epic Poker League inaugural main event in the books
Despite being epically slammed as a ‘dead league walking’ by Daniel Negreanu, the Epic Poker League survived long enough to crown walking deadbeat David ‘Chino’ Rheem as their first main event champion.

Cheaters never prosper, except when they do
More revelations involving disgraced Lock Poker Pro José ‘Girah’ Macedo; alleged co-conspirator Haseeb Qureshi flees the spotlight while Daniel Cates admits to multi-accounting.

Alabama bingo trial ends with no convictions
Seriously… All you need to know about this ridiculous mess is that it’s over, and the result was that nothing was decided. Fortunately, both sides have said it’s time to move on. So, lets…

Financial report cards
MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, SJM Holdings, Scientific Games, Probability, Unibet, Pinnacle Entertainment, PokerTek, JAXX SE, Cryptologic and Bally Technologies.

Rebecca Liggero asks online gaming industry cognoscenti what their crystal balls say regarding the likelihood of US online poker legislation happening in 2011.