Florida Lottery makes plans for online gambling

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Florida Lottery logoEven though Florida Lottery sales have increased slightly this fiscal year in the Lee and Collier counties, Florida lottery officials are eyeing ways to make even more revenue by appealing to wider range of potential customers. The idea is to give technological upgrade to the existing lottery system but even if lottery officials aren’t saying it, we’re talking about online gambling.

Florida Lottery officials are considering adding a mobile app, a new website and Facebook and Twitter pages – to spark interest, increase revenue and help bring the game into the modern age.

A new mobile app is expected to come out in the next few months and the new website design should be done by fall. The app will bring the lottery’s most popular web features to players’ fingertips, such as jackpot information and winning numbers. Aesthetic changes will make the new website more user friendly. Lottery players will be able to check Facebook and Twitter page for listings of winning numbers, promotions and information about sales.

So let’s see here- we have lottery which is gambling, plans to design a website for lottery gambling, plans for mobile app for mobile gambling- Definitely online gambling. You can change the name, but you can’t change the game.

It’s interesting how the Florida lottery can so casually announce these plans despite the fact that the state’s push for online gambling (poker) bottomed out.


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