MLB investigating A-Rod for high stakes poker games

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a-rodIf you haven’t heard much about Alex Rodriguez this baseball season it’s because he’s been off the Yankee lineup recovering from knee surgery. Off the field, A-Rod is still making headlines, this time, A-Rod is the subject of a Major League Baseball investigation for his alleged participation in high-stakes underground poker games.

The MLB announced that the Yankees third baseman allegedly took part in the underground high stakes game at least twice. Sources around the net are reporting that at least one of the games involved several high-profile actors, cocaine and hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Beverly Hills mansion of a record executive.

Additionally, RadarOnline reports that Rodriguez “tried to distance himself from the game” when a fight almost broke out. Of course he did, there’s no way he’s damaging those hundred million dollar hands over a poker game.

An MLB executive told ESPN New York, “We’re talking to people involved in the investigation and we’re taking this very seriously…Because he had been warned about this before, I would say a possible suspension would be very much in play.”

According to the LA Times Blog, in 2005 the Yankees and Commissioner Bud Selig warned Rodriguez about his penchant for high stakes underground poker games citing that dealings with people who might also bet on baseball games could result in a lifetime ban from baseball.

It’s interesting how one can take steroids and cheat the actual game and not even receive so much as a fine, but dare you go play a friendly game of high stakes poker and now there’s an investigation and possible suspension pending. Steroids or poker, which is the lesser evil?

It seems to be a trend now, high profile celebrities apparently can’t play high stake underground poker games in peace, what’s the world coming to? Let’s be real, A-Rod isn’t the only high profile athlete ever to gamble and carry on off the playing field.

Michael Jordan was notorious for off court betting antics.


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