Carson Palmer retired

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Carson PalmerWhen Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer threatened to retire unless the Bengals traded him, he probably didn’t expect the Bengals to call his bluff. Well they did.

Team President Mike Brown said in a press conference, “I honestly like Carson Palmer. He was a splendid player for us. He is agood person. I wish him well and he has retired. That is his choice.”

The Bengals were not about to let Carson Palmer get his way. Brown made that clear in the press conference saying, “I’m not expecting him to be back. Carson signed a contract, he made a commitment. He gave us his word. We relied on his word and his commitment. We
expected him to perform here. If he is going to walk away from his commitment we aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”

For some reason, it’s strangely refreshing to see a team take the hard-line with their star QB. It doesn’t have to be said that Palmer hasn’t exactly lived up to the star QB billing. Palmer threw 20 interceptions compared to just 26 touchdowns last year, to the Bengals, it appears beggars can’t be choosers.

Palmer isn’t the first QB to demand a trade by any means, but he couldn’t have been expecting a slap in the face. Carson Palmer now finds himself retired from professional football, at least for the time being.

Of course, Palmer will likely return, but where? It’s good to have the NFL back, this unfolding saga offers a great opportunity for a sportsbook Carson Palmer offering.

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