ARJEL opposes auto rebuy

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French regulation body, ARJELThere’s a fine line when it comes to legal and illegal as far the French regulating body ARJEL is concerned. ARJEL’s latest issue has to do with an automatic option offered on French poker sites.

French regulating body ARJEL is questioning the legality of what is termed as ‘auto rebuy’ functions on poker sites. Auto rebuy allows players to keep the funds in their accounts at some level by automatically bailing out.

However, ARJEL seems to consider that by definition, the functionality of ‘auto rebuy’ does not actually involve validation by the player and that in certain conditions, the feature may have the ability to expose the player to a significant risk of addiction.

According to reports from iGaming France ARJEL expresses concerns that the function could cause players’ balances to diminish “without them noticing,” and sites will be instructed by ARJEL to force players “to accept, prior to each cash game, the principle of ‘automatic re-buy,” if they wish to continue offering this option. iGaming France reports that ARJEL will force all operators to comply with this new, clearer ruling by 1 September.


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