Golf’s newest champion celebrates by drinkin’ and carryin’ on all night long

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Darren ClarkeWe reported earlier today that Darren Clarke took home the year’s third major championship for the small nation of Northern Ireland. It seems whilst we were still penning the earlier story, the party was still in full swing – and so it should be. It just goes to show what the country lacks for in landmass, it more than make up for drinkin’ and carryin’ on.

Rory McIlroy set his older counterpart an example after last month. His score was Jagerbombs 1-0 Rory. Today it looks as though the 42 years that Clarke has so far spent on the earth have been out to very good use in the drinkin’ and carryin’ on stakes.

This morning’s press conference included a clearly still half-cut Clarke, who said, “I’ve looked at the trophy all night and sort of semi figured out it’s mine. I probably won’t get any sleep until tomorrow at some stage. You have to enjoy it when you can. I had quite a few pints and quite a few glasses of red wine and it all continued until about 30 minutes ago. It’s been a very good night.”

Yes, Darren. You do have to enjoy it while you can and when “enjoy” means get drunk, then we’re all for it!

Clarke did stop himself drinkin’ from the Claret Jug, saying, “I feel a bit funny about putting stuff in [the Claret Jug].”

Northern Ireland is really starting to become one of our favorite little countries here at the tablog. If they continue to churn out sporting heroes that can’t stop themselves partyin’ then we might just have to fling open the doors to the gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on club more often!


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