Latest NFL Lockout update filled with optimism

nfl lockoutThursday turned out to be by far the most eventful day the NFL has had as far as negotiation talks were concerned. ESPN reports that the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement are headed toward a settlement.


According to the ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and several other online sources, the two sides have agreed in principle to a rookie wage system, and a tentative agreement to make the 2011 salary cap $120 million, according to ESPN NFL senior writer John Clayton.

After meeting for nearly 15 hours Thursday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Players Association chief DeMaurice Smith, players and owners were back at the negotiating table today looking to put an end to the misery of the NFL Lockout, the leagues first work stoppage since 1987. If the NFL can get a deal done, and it`s looking like they will, they will be in position to take an even bigger piece of the pie from the NBA which is mired in a Lockout with no end in sight.

But before the gambling industry starts raising glasses in celebration, let`s remember that we`ve been down this road of optimism before with the NFL Lockout. Granted the two sides have never been closer, but I for one am going to refrain from celebrating until that new CBA is agreed on by the players and made official.

I just can’t take anymore heartbreak.