Time to amp up the MLB All Star Game betting offerings

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jose bautistaWith both the NBA and NFL leagues in the midst of lockouts with no end in sight, it’s time for North American facing sportsbooks to focus on the MLB and its marquee game, the 2011 MLB All-Star game.

This year’s mid-summer classic is already receiving some negative press with the plethora of so-called injured players that won’t be participating. So far, 84 players have been named to the All-Star game, many of which are replacement for injured players, players who pitched on Sunday and players who just plain didn’t want to go.

The MLB All-Star was changed to mean something. It is supposed to be a battle between the National League and American League’s best to decide home field advantage for the World Series. But above all, this game is supposed to be a showcase of the most talented baseball players in the world. Unfortunately, with all the no-shows, it may fall short of that goal this year.

That said, the game will still be exciting and there is still plenty for MLB fans and bettors to bet on. This should be the focus of all North American facing sportsbooks. The Home Run Derby always presents excellent options for bettors and this year sportsbooks should take it to the next level with as many interesting home-run derby props as possible. The home-run derby takes place tonight, and Robinson Cano is expected to have his father Jose pitch to him. Could it be the edge he needs to beat the favourite and the leading vote getter, and baseball’s current best all around player, Jose Bautista?

The All-Star game itself will take place tomorrow and will present another opportunity to offer a wide array of propositions and betting options on pitchers, position players, and even the national anthem.

With two of the major North American sports out of the picture, beggars can’t be choosers, it’s time to fire up the MLB offerings like never before.


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