Genting makes Malaysia acquisition; Philippines bans some jai alai betting

genting-malaysia-acquisition-200x160Genting’s Malaysian arm has made its latest acquisition for the princely sum of $832.4million. According the Star, Genting will get the gaming side of tycoon Anada Krishnan’s Tanjong plc. An unidentified source told the Star, “They’ll be signing the deal on Thursday worth 2.5 billion ringgit.”

The Pan Malaysian Pools part of Tanjong had a number of suitors mostly drawn from Malaysia. It currently holds a 24% share of the number forecasting market where it’s a distant third to Berjaya Sports Toto and Multi-Purpose Holdings.

Authorities in the Philippines have given the police powers to close some off-fronton betting stations for jai-alai in certain parts of the country. The booths in parts of Luzon will be targeted by law enforcement agencies. It comes after the Department for Justice (DoJ) and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) declared them illegal.

A memorandum seen by read, “The PNP and other law enforcement agencies of the government are directed to proceed with the search and seizure of off fronton betting stations outside of Meridien’s Cagayan Freeport fronton enclosure, as well as effect the arrest and prosecution of operators and maintainers of off fronton betting and gaming stations, whether or not they are utilizing totalizators or other devices and systems.”

Many of you may be wondering what the hell jai-alai actually is. Well, it’s origins come from the Basque country in Spain and it involves players throwing a ball against wall using a xistera. It once held the world record for ball speed, the 125-140g ball travelling at 302kph. This goes to explain why there have been some fatalities over the years. Blood sport or what! Further proof of the savagery of the sport can be demonstrated by Johnny Knoxille and Steve O at this link.