Sportingbet joins Ongame; Microgaming enhances bingo offering

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Sportingbet joins OngameOngame has announced that Sportingbet will join its poker network in the second half of this year. Thought to be one of Pwin’s “surplus assets,” Ongame isn’t sitting there waiting to see whether they’ll be dumped and is instead playing the field like only they know how. Ongame Managing Director, David Pittel, commented, “With Sportingbet we are building on our position as the premier choice for sportsbook operators. Sportingbet not only brings us increased liquidity and reach in further markets, but more importantly they share our view of poker. We are really looking forward to working with them.”

Sportingbet being added to the network will enhance player liquidity and mean that Ongame is continuing to work with a beefy group of sportsbook brands. “Ongame has a great track record as a poker partner for major sportsbook brands”, says Ben Freeman, Poker Manager at Sportingbet. “We are impressed by their approach to network ecology and we’re excited to widen our offering with increased liquidity and better promotions to our players.”

Even if Pwin is sick to back teeth of the poker network, there are whole queues of companies who like what they see (which is a crackin’ arse if you were wondering.)

Microgaming logoMicrogaming has launched a number of significant enhancements to its bingo platform. Bingo+ Plus is fully customizable and thus gives operators a deal of control over the look and feel of their bingo platform. For the lazy ones, Microgaming offers a bog standard Bingo room and lobby.

Lydia Melton, Head of Network Games at Microgaming, said: “Online gaming is a fast moving industry, and with so much competition in the marketplace, operators need to ensure their offering is truly outstanding. We’ve seen increased demand in the market for flexible solutions, and Microgaming’s new Bingo software platform is as flexible and customisable as any gaming software we have seen thus far.

“Innovation has always been central to what we do, and we wanted to create a solution that gave our operators complete control over their offering, whilst providing the ultimate Bingo experience for players. Through our new Bingo+ Plus software, operators now have access to a comprehensive bingo Bingo product and the very best Casino side games in the industry. We are very proud of our new software and feel we have brought a truly exceptional product to the market.”

Still hasn’t got a patch on their bar services at almost all the best conferences. Maybe that’s just our hazy judgment though. Although Microgaming may have been a bit drunk when naming their new bingo network or just adhere to the “it’s so good we named it twice” mantra. You decide.