NFL cancels Symposium and turns backs on Draft Rookies

nfl draftThe NFL as a league and an organization and an institution of North American culture is really showing the public and the world its ugly side. First, it has become common knowledge that they planned to shut down America’s favourite sport and now they’ve turned their backs on the newest members of their league.

It’s hypocrite activity at its finest on display with the NFL. First, the league goes ahead and stops the soon to be rookies from boycotting the NFL Draft. They agree, the NFL Draft goes off without a hitch and Cam Newton is drafted first overall. Through the Draft the NFL made money from its TV contracts, maintained its profile during the offseason and kept interest with its fans.

Keep in mind, these new draft picks aren’t getting paid yet, they haven’t even been able to sign contracts because of the NFL Lockout. How does the NFL repay them for their loyalty in attending the draft? They cancel the rookie symposium.

For those of you unfamiliar with the NFL Rookie Symposium, it is one of the more beneficial programs the NFL runs as a league. It teaches and guides new players in the league on how to conduct themselves on and off the field and how to manage their potentially lucrative finances.

Now that program has been shelved. Is that really necessary?

I understand it’s a league program and there’s a lockout, but cancelling the NFL symposium, which the NFL themselves has in the past touted as a highly successful program which has been instrumental in helping young players transition into the league, makes no sense to me. Now you’re just hurting your own league.

It’s hypocritical because the NFL didn’t cancel the Draft and that was league activity, but when it comes to helping the players that’s when all of sudden their backs are turned.

Yes, the NFL is currently the number one sport in America, but these types of actions and along with the ongoing lockout will eventually start to wear on the public.

Fair warning: Look how long it took for baseball fans to return to the National Pastime after the 1994–95 Major League Baseball strike.