Australia possesses the most active gamblers; Intralot AGM

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Australians gambling the mostAfter being deposed from the top of the world cricket rankings and losing the Ashes, the Aussies needed something else to be the world leader at. Being home to the largest population of kangaroos the world round was quite frankly not enough. Australia now has the world biggest gamblers per capita, coming out at €902 per person for 2010

“Australia has led for the past decade, since we started doing this, and has always been well ahead of the other nations,” said Joel Keeble of H2 Gambling Capital, which provided the British publication’s data.

Electronic gaming machines account for most of the Australia’s lead on other developed nations and that could change in the coming years when pokie machines pre-commitment technology kicks in after 2014. It seems the Aussies must be feeling pretty good though. You only have to look at the comments of Dr Patrick Basham on retirees, where he explains that those who, “remain active in the community and constantly engage in social activity, often, largely or exclusively through gambling, live happier and healthier lives.”

Worldwide gaming firm Intralot have had their annual chatter about all things gaming and reported the results to the world. Their Annual General Meeting (AGM) reiterated that revenues had hit €1.115billion in 2010 and Constantinos Antonopoulos, CEO of Intralot said, “2010 has been a milestone year for Intralot since it marked the completion of the Company’s expansion phase and it constitutes the starting point of the new period that Intralot enters. Within the next years we will focus on innovation, the exploitation of our existing projects, selected markets’ liberalizations and lotteries’ privatizations and cash flow generation, so as to increase the value that we deliver to our shareholders.”

The company will be hoping to build on the some 12 new projects that they undertook during 2010 across five continents.


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