AC down to third in the hearts of US citizens

US citizens turning back on AC

US citizens turning back on ACAs Atlantic City continues to try and repair its battered reputation, American’s are turning their backs on the city as if it’s been renamed SHAtlantic City and smells of rotting excrement.

The latest news is the gambling market that is second only to Las Vegas in terms of size is slipping down the rankings of being a desirable location for US casino goers. The Farleigh Dickinson (FDU) PublicMind poll has the resort in third place behind the unanimous leader Las Vegas (47%) and New Orleans (10%).

A mere 8% expressed a specific preference for AC, which was only just ahead of Nevada’s other gambling city Reno (5%) and St Louis (4%).

Former AC casino worker and professor at FDU, Donald Hoover, commented, “Atlantic City is really in a national, if not international, competition for visitors.

“Businesses and planners need to start thinking and acting like they’re in a national market.”

It comes as the New Jersey gambling metropolis is facing an uncertain future. Profits for the year of 2010 showed a dramatic decline in the city’s casino industry and a drop in revenue compounded this in March.

FDU spoke to 711 respondents by telephone and many will now be looking for AC to get with the times and look further afield for new custom.

The city is still eagerly awaiting sports betting to be allowed in the state and with residents behind the bill, the state will hope that this saves their bacon. Otherwise, they might have to get “The Situation” and “Pauly D” on board to help and no one wants to have to resort to that!