Messy McCourt Divorce forces MLB to take over LA Dodgers

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dodgersDivorces happen, that’s just a fact of life. Divorces happen so often that sometimes I wonder if I chose the wrong profession seeing how divorce lawyers have been absolutely raking in the dough. Some divorces can be really messy, some can be really costly as we saw with Tiger Woods. Divorces can also cost a partner the children or valuable pieces of property like a house or a car, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a divorce so messy that it costs a major league baseball team.

Major League Baseball has been forced to step in and take operating control of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the wake of an extremely messy divorce between owner Frank McCourt and his wife. McCourt has been plagued with financial problems and his messy divorce forced the league’s hand, there is no indication at this time that the Dodgers roster will undergo a fire sale or whether the team has any plans of relocation.

The Dodgers are a storied franchise in the MLB, with a loyal following, as such one would expect the league to handle this situation with care. That said, it has to be unsettling for the Dodgers fans to see their team in the hands of the other rival 29 owners.

So for the time being the future fate of the Dodgers remains uncertain. One thing that is certain is that if this team goes up for sale there will certainly be enough potential buyers chomping at the bit to own the storied franchise. After the Rangers slipped through his hands Mark Cuban might be someone who will step up if the team goes up for sale.

Also, like the Rangers, perhaps this is an omen for the Dodgers. When the Rangers faced financial turmoil all they did is have the greatest season in franchise history and go to the World Series. Maybe the glass isn’t half bankrupt, maybe this is the Dodgers year.

It certainly looks like it might be Matt Kemp’s.


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