Probability success shows no sign of slowing

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Probability releases resultsThe online gaming industry and smart phone market have been “seeing” each other for so long now that they might have to change their relationship statuses on Facebook before long. Probability, a specialist in this area, today released key performance indicators for the three months to 31 March 2011 and again showed signs that they’re definitely here to stay. Net Gaming Revenue for Q4 of the financial year stood at £1.613m representing an increase of 9% on the previous quarter and a jump of 45% on Q4 for the previous financial year.

Charles Cohen, CEO, said, “This has been another strong performance by Probability and we are delighted to be cash flow positive in our core business for the first time since embarking upon our technology investment programme some eighteen months ago. The strong growth and reduced costs are encouraging signs for the future.

“Probability is now, without doubt, the company best placed to take advantage of gaming opportunities in the increasingly regulated “post-PC” marketplace.”

Player deposits also improved by 4.75% in the quarter compared with the previous quarter. More remarkable than this was the fact that deposits from players in March 2011 were 82% higher than in the same month last year. Of these deposits, the “post-PC” world of iPhone and Android customers accounted for 37% of in game deposits compared with only 27% in December.

In terms of what’s up next for the firm, Cohen mused, “Our plans for 2011/12 are as ambitious as ever. We will shortly be launching a new Bingo product, which will be the first ever to be available for all types of mobile device, including iPhones, iPods and Android devices as well as more traditional feature phones.”

As we move forwards Probability are in all probability, probably one of the best equipped in the mobile arena. We wouldn’t go as far as to say, “if Carlsberg made firms they’d be this,” they’re probably quite close though.


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