EC organize another chat in Brussels

European Commission

European CommissionReports have stated that regulated gambling monopolies are losing billions on an annual basis and that the European Commission (EC) will look at the situation.

The EC just last week kicked off a continent-wide consultation into the online gambling industry with a Green Paper to examine where the industry currently stands in the EU.

It’s another case for the guys over in Brussels to toss up whilst they wonder just how much chocolate sauce is too much to put on a waffle bought from a street vendor and are jelly fish really made of jelly?

This is obviously the precursor to them again throwing scorn upon operators who “don’t protect consumers” in Europe (i.e. non-governmental monopolies) and then decide that they must do even more to stop them (i.e. do even more to collect even more money from them).

The hearing will also, according to GamingZion, look at how fees can be collected from residents who seek to play at sites outside the governmental monopoly sites.

The Commission is considering a change to EU wide gambling rules that will affect countries such as Sweden, and the changes will permit the countries to collect taxes and fees from the non-governmental monopoly sites.

Countries should really be looking at the places that have the most successful online gambling regimes, such as the United Kingdom, and looking at that, as the system to adopt not simply pandering to the EU’s every need.