India keeps to their part of the bargain

India meet Pakistan in World Cup semi final

India meet Pakistan in World Cup semi finalIn prevailing over Australia in the latest chapter of a thrilling cricket World Cup, India has set up the encounter that those on the subcontinent had been praying would happen since the tournament began.

Granted an India vs Pakistan final would have been nice but if that were to happen you’d have to question whether the sport of cricket would ever even need play another game.

The fact that the two neighboring countries are facing each other at the penultimate stage of the competition will be of interest to the sports betting industry as a whole and not simply the wide network of illegal betting operations that operate in the host country India.

A quick search of the Internet brings up details of four people being arrested just yesterday after being found betting on the game between India and Australia, according to local police reports in the city of Meerut. During the raid, police recovered a sizeable amount of cash, a TV, 12 mobiles, and a laptop. Now I’m sure they could have explained the rest of the items but 12 mobiles is maybe a little too excessive.

Activity around the India v Pakistan semi final is likely to be a deal more feverish and again adds to the theory that India should have put some kind of legislation in place before the tournament started back in February. Sites in Europe and the UK will reap the rewards especially where the appetite for cricket and sizeable Pakistani and Indian populations will be able to gamble on the match legally.