The luck o’ de Geordies?

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Luck of the Irish at Cheltenham Horseracing - Sports Betting NewsAnyone that was dead set on sharing a lift with their Irish band of friends Paddy, Declan and Ruby to this year’s Cheltenham Festival might want to think again.

Research by betting firm Ladbrokes has found that the luckiest punters at the upcoming extravaganza of horse racing aren’t from over the other side of the Irish Sea. Far from it.

The luckiest punters, according to the firm, come from England’s North East and are just over 50 years old.

Those in that bracket are thought to win 44% of the time at the annual meet and will therefore be receiving calls from all round the UK offering lifts. Although the distances don’t bear thinking about if you live in Penzance and want to give your Geordie mate a lift to Cheltenham.

David Williams, from Ladbrokes, told the Belfast Telegraph: “The results of the survey are staggering and have exposed as a myth one of the most widely-accepted sayings in betting history.

“The Irish are certainly fearless punters but it’s the Brits who seem to enjoy the luck. No doubt the Irish will look to correct the injustice at the Cheltenham Festival.

They did add that the Irish spend the most money and that if you still need to take an Irishman with you, Munster is the place to go and 45 is the age to look for. This might be why the Irish win big more of the time, whereas the English are more content with a number of smaller wins.

Obviously the week will still be worth its weight in gold purely due to the fact that you’re drinkin’ with a bunch of Irishmen, you just won’t have won any money on the gee-gees.


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