Sour sports betting grapes for North Americans

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Any sports-bettor will tell you that having a wager on the game makes it so much more thrilling. Perhaps the only thing better than that for a sports bettor is to be able to bet live on a play by play basis, Fetch TV and Betfair have teamed up to make that happen on the UK’s Freeview platform.

It’s mighty difficult for the sports betting chaps across the pond in North America to hear a bit of news like that; especially when it’s arguable that North America has the most couch potatoes per capita than any other continent. Do they get a betting app that can be accessed from their remote control from their La-Z-boy? Hell no.

Worse yet, every few months American bettors get their hopes up that online gambling will be regulated in some capacity either federally or on a state by state basis, only to repeatedly have those hopes dashed.

Thanks for nothing New Jersey, still waiting California, yeah right Iowa, whatever Florida, really Nevada?

Even in Canada, where provinces like British Columbia and Quebec have their own government run online gambling websites, there’s nothing remotely close to the Betfair betting app. Of course, the laws on gaming aren’t as favorable as they are in the UK just yet, but it’s more than that, the infrastructure isn’t in place. In comparison to many international online gambling sites, BC’s isn’t up to par, it’s like the Pinto of the online gaming world, especially for sports bettors looking for live play-by-play betting.

Americans have enough problems gambling online and getting paid, but for Canadians, unless they’re playing with international gaming sites, they’re playing with sites that are underdeveloped, and in the case of, questionable as far as security goes.

It’s not all bad though, at least Americans still have the NFL…Oops. Okay, well, at least Canada’s game of hockey is still in good shape…No?


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