Iowan plans described as no “win-win”


iowa-no-win-winPlans for the legalization of online gambling in Iowa have been attacked as being no “win-win” for the state’s economy.

The bill would allow online gambling to be operate by the state’s land-based casinos and would bring much needed revenue to a state that, like many others, is still fully in the grips of the recession monster.

A newspaper in the Iowan city of Dubuque was yesterday at pains to describe how the bill is not what the state needs.

The Telegraph Herald questions how positive the legislation is likely to be for the state and in particular focuses heavily on the downside to allowing online gambling in the state.

It’s fair enough putting out an article looking at the detrimental effects of online gambling and how it might adversely affect some of those living in the state but trying to force your views on the readership isn’t the way to go about it.

Legalised intra state gambling is inevitable and what this guy fails to realize is that if Iowa doesn’t become the first state to do it they’re just passing up an even more lucrative opportunity than they have already.

It wouldn’t have taken the editorial team a massive amount of time to look at the UK gambling market and see how it has worked over the other side of the pond. The point made about jobs being lost in the land based sector is not so much off base but it doesn’t seem like he got to the diamond in the first place.

You only have to look at the fuss made over the proliferation of bookies across the country to see that land based and online can easily co-exist and the jobs are still plentiful in the land-based sector.

Also being the model by which many have followed before it might have been an idea to look at it before forcing his view on the world on others.

Online gaming is just another form of entertainment and this kind of scare mongering just isn’t supported by the studies mentioned in the article and is the reason why many still have a warped opinion on the industry and the “problems” it causes.