NFL and NFLPA extend CBA deadline 7 days


The black eye for the NFL won`t be when that 24 hour extension runs out today. The NFL and the players have agreed to extend the deadline for the CBA for another 7 days. We can take away one positive so far, at least they are trying to work this thing out, at least it appears that way. And we can be pleased that they are agreeing on something, even if it is just on the extension.

Now both sides will have 7 days to sit down and negotiate a new CBA. It`s comforting to the gaming industry to see that both sides are working towards a resolution. No football, is bad for everyone, and not just bookmakers and bettors, it`s a terrible time for it to happen for the NFL.

Right now the NFL is sitting on top of the world as far as major North American sports are concerned. The Super Bowl this year drew the most amount of viewers in the history of the game. The NFL`s popularity is soaring right now and the last thing the league needs for its image is a strike. Let`s not even talk about the players who were living paycheck to paycheck, they literally can`t afford for there to be no football.

Both sides understand the importance of having a season. But in the next seven days, the challenges will be to come to an agreement on tough issues like and 18 game season and revenue distribution.


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