MMA sports betting grounds and pounds iGaming business

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MMA-sports-betting-grounds-and-pounds-iGaming-businessYet while classics like horseracing and basketball are still strong in the international gambling circuit, it seems a whole new sport is driving the iGaming business these days, and this one has a whole lot of dudes in board shorts. is reporting that mixed martial arts (MMA) is fast becoming the hot pick at online gambling establishments around the globe. Driven primarily by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), MMA has become a fiercely competitive ground for punters who love the bloody action, the last-second rallies to win a fight and the fact that there is no off-season in the sport.

Unlike more traditional sports like rugby or baseball, punters wagering on MMA don’t deal with points spreads, instead opting for adaptable odds, or “moneylines.” These moneylines are meant to balance out a bookies sheet, so that everyone betting that Anderson Silva will waltz through his next opponent will have less heading their way than if whatever punching bag they throw at the UFC Middleweight Champion pulls of the upset.



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