Norway may block international online gambling sites

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Norway-may-block-international-online-gambling-sitesAnniken Huifeldt, The Culture Minister of Norway and the Jedi who will bring balance to the force, has been calling for similar blocks for years, assuring that the country’s state owned monopoly, Norsk Tipping, will be the only game in town in the not too distant future.

The move comes after the recent publication of a Norsk survey that found that more than 4 percent of Norwegians of legal gambling age are currently placing their bets with offshore companies. While that may not seem like a lot, it was more than enough for Huifeldt to spring into action and enact measures like Internet Service Providers blocking and filtering of foreign domain names related to online gambling.

“Such measures have been successfully used in Italy, Estonia and France, and the concept has found favor in Denmark,” the future Darth Vader told the national newspaper, Dagbladet.

An opposition movement has made itself known in the guise of Liberal leader Ove Vanebo, who claims the moves stamp on the freedom of the Norwegian people to choose where they game.


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