Tiger in the dog house yet again


tiger-woods-in-the-dog-house-yet-againYou can’t imagine that if you asked Tiger Woods he’d speak at all glowingly about becoming one of the men that women hate almost overnight. Not that men really hate him that much, probably less so than they did at the time he was the still the best golfer in the world. Tiger’s career does seem like it continues to plum new depths though.

Most of these new lows usually concern the part of the world that contains the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and various other countries. The territory that is currently giving him the most reason to worry is Dubai and this weekend it was bugging him once again.

The loss of money experienced on the golf course bearing his name was cushioned to the tune of around $50m but the weekend’s controversy will take a little while longer to shake off. Woods, who finished with a final round 75, was seen to spit on the floor after hitting a wayward putt and is being criticized roundly for doing so.

Fair enough, it’s in the rules that it’s disrespectful to spit but players in other sports have been doing it for years with no problem. Imagine asking A-Rod to stop spitting – he’d probably think you’re referring to a something quite lurid and beat your ass.

Rules are rules though, and Woods is a very easy brush to continue tarring for everyone the world around. Hell, we’re just waiting to see him sued for using Viagra to improve his sex life as it’s seen as being a bad role model for kids. Follow this with a mandatory prison sentence of 28 years and you’re probably there or thereabouts.