Is the “future of sports trading” upon us?

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odds-futuresWhen you’re told that the future of ‘x’ is upon us then you’re usually right to be skeptical. When a press release informs you that a “seismic tremor” went through traditional sports betting markets it does make you think that somewhere in the small print you’re going to find something you don’t want to, or that the site itself has a seismic tremor.

After meeting the founders at the recent ICE Totally Gaming show in the centre of the iGaming universe, London, today saw the unveiling of Dubbed the future of sports trading, as we told in the past it provides users with a unique experience. Instead of putting on a bet, you trade on the future movement of betting odds, and the release even says that some have described it as “better than betting.”

Entrepreneur and founder, Marc Butterly, commented: “ is a genuinely a global first. As the world’s first sports futures exchange, it has been described as “the most innovative thing to happen in sports markets in ten years”, and certainly it’s the first true sports event derivatives market, where racing fans with keen insights can beat inaccurate pricing without having to make a bet.”

Anyone wanting to give it a try is reminded that they can currently trade on UK and Irish Horseracing, and in the near future Champions League soccer, the Rugby World Cup, and much more will also be added. The future of sports betting or a seismic tremor in the wrong direction? It could be either but try your hand and see how you do.


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